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Polo Shirts for Men

Jan 09, 14 Polo Shirts for Men

Though originally created as an improvement in terms of sportswear for tennis and polo players, polo shirts for men are still popular among regular people too, especially since the best shirts are created by important designers like Lacoste and Ralph Lauren.

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80s Fashion Men

Dec 27, 13 80s Fashion Men

Even if our days bring more and more fashion trends and designers are in a permanent competition for gaining more success and appreciation with both their women and men fashion products, sooner or later trends will come back to old times.

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Best Men’s Wallets

Dec 08, 13 Best Men’s Wallets

Wallets are a very important accessory for men, much like the purse is indispensable to women. In order to understand what the best men’s wallets are we must first learn their history. The wallet, though it had different uses and connotations, has been in use for centuries, maybe as far as Ancient Greece, when it […]

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Instructions on How to Wear a Tie

Nov 24, 13 Instructions on How to Wear a Tie

The tie has been a part of menswear for centuries now and it is still an important accessory and fashion statement. Though the tie is now mostly associated with formal, business wear, it can still be worn in many different ways and social situations. It can be worn for casual or rebellious situations as well. […]

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Exercises for Abs

Nov 12, 13 Exercises for Abs

Wanting to look good and fit has become almost an obsession since the twentieth century and is now something we’re all looking for. But it’s not just about being good looking it’s about health as well. Exercising is one of the best ways we can ensure our bodies and even minds are in good condition; it improves the quality of life and prolongs it.

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Stylish Trends in Golf Equipment

Oct 27, 13 Stylish Trends in Golf Equipment

We present you some stylish trends in golf apparel. Some necessary items for playing golf can really improve your playing technique, such as a golf rangefinder, your golf outfit, some golf shoes, some golf gloves, some golf clubs or your golf cart in which you are riding from a hole to another.

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Haircuts for Men

Oct 16, 13 Haircuts for Men

When it comes to finding the right haircut, it can actually be more difficult for men to choose than for women. A girl can always resort to just letting her hair grow because wavy hair is never out of fashion, but men have to adapt their haircuts to the shape of their head or the type of hair they have. This is true for women as well, of course, but men have no other options and most of the time, no clue either.

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Calvin Klein’s Men’s Shirts

Oct 08, 13 Calvin Klein’s Men’s Shirts

he shirt was initially an undergarment worn exclusively by men and it remained as such until the twentieth century. In American English the term can be used to describe any type of upper garment besides sweaters, jackets, coats, bras or vests, whereas the British English uses it to describe the garment with a collar, buttoned sleeves or cuffs and a full vertical opening with buttons or snaps.

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Mens Vests

Oct 02, 13 Mens Vests

The market offers quite a wide selection of great mens vests, designed for every occasion from wearing them in business meetings to choosing them as outfits for riding the motorcycle.

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Essential Tips to Picking a Good Electric Shaver

Sep 29, 13 Essential Tips to Picking a Good Electric Shaver

If you are tired of your old razor, we advise you to read some accurate electric shavers for men reviews, and find out what type of machine suits your needs the most. Depending on your preferences, you can choose between a rotary and a foil razor, but no matter what you decide on, make sure that your device has a powerful motor.

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Metal Collar Stays

Sep 01, 13 Metal Collar Stays

Metal collar stays can be a really useful addition to any man’s wardrobe, especially if they have to wear suits all the time, or very often; they help keep the collars of a shirt straight and aligned during long and busy days, which means men no longer have to worry about looking kempt and elegant.

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Healthy fast food lunches

Aug 28, 13 Healthy fast food lunches

Choosing the healthy fast food lunches is the best way of nourishing your body in busy days as they come with moderate calories, beneficial resources of protein from plants or salads, sufficient fiber, necessary vitamins and minerals.

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Fashionable Tattoos for Men

Aug 16, 13 Fashionable Tattoos for Men

In the last decades, tattoos have transitioned from outcast symbols to mainstream trends. As more and more celebrities decide to get tattoos, even the fashion world has embraced this type of body art. Noways, most style icons are seen wearing various fashionable tattoos.

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Men’s AW 13 Fashion Trend: Pleated Trousers

Jul 21, 13 Men’s AW 13 Fashion Trend: Pleated Trousers

Apart from anybody would say about men’s fashion, there is one certain fact that everyone could agree with: men love being fashionable! Check out right now Men’s AW 13 Fashion Trend: Pleated Trousers and make your own choice!

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How to Meet Women

Jul 02, 13 How to Meet Women

It’s not difficult to learn how to meet women, one just has to be polite, attentive, empathic, dress with care and smile a lot to show their good intentions and friendly attitude.

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AW13 Coloured Trousers Trend Guide

Jun 29, 13 AW13 Coloured Trousers Trend Guide

Before making any acquisition for this autumn, we invite you to check out our AW13 Coloured Trousers Trend Guide and get updated with all the recommendations made by designers! It will only take you a couple of minutes while reading these tips!

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Special Gifts for Fashionable Men

Jun 11, 13 Special Gifts for Fashionable Men

It was perhaps due to the fact that they don’t have access to as many accessories that men have become so infatuated with watches, but also because in olden times a watch was something indispensable to a respectable business man who wished to know the exact time and be on time at every meeting or important event.

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Mens Fashion Tips

May 25, 13 Mens Fashion Tips

Those who want to change or improve their style should spend some time analyzing men’s fashion tips, as they can help to drastically improve one’s general appearance and, more importantly, how the world sees one.

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How to increase your metabolism

May 21, 13 How to increase your metabolism

If you wonder how to increase your metabolism, then you should know there are some effective ways that can improve your metabolism naturally, without having to take some supplements or killing yourself with workouts.

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Mens Jeans

Apr 19, 13 Mens Jeans

Men’s jeans are nowadays just as complex as women’s jeans, and they come in a multitude of shapes and sizes, so it’s important to know what to look for when you go around shopping.

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