How to Keep Your Data Safe? Read further to Find Out More

Using the Wi-fi on public places seems secure, right? You can get instant access to your favorite websites, and don’t even have to use a password to do your online activities. But you shouldn’t be so confident about free Wi-fi networks, as these aren’t always what they seem. Free networks are actually full of hackers […]

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Taking drugs – the terrifying tactic models use to stay thin

Oct 23, 18 Taking drugs – the terrifying tactic models use to stay thin

The modeling market has been dominated by women for a long time. Everywhere from commercials to the Internet you see women’s faces. They are on all the covers of the world. From Adriana Lima to Kendall Jenner, models from various generations have become emblematic. The good news is that male models have penetrated into the […]

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Rock that bow tie like a pro

Apr 26, 18 Rock that bow tie like a pro

Many people do not feel confident when they wear a bow tie, because they are not sure if they accessorised the right one to their outfit. If you wear the right bowtie it can change your outfit instantly, and you will look like a stylish man. But you have to make sure that you do […]

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Men are meticulous and this is why they should choose a barbering career

  Men would be more than pleased to be able to pamper themselves at home and care for their beards like professionals. But instead, they spend plenty of money on professional treatments and attention.  But not many take into account the possibility of becoming barbers themselves and managing all these alone. However, men are rumoured […]

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Why more and more men are opting for goatees

  Nowadays, more and more men opt for goatee beards and it is not hard to understand why. A goatee requires very little attention, not to mention that it is a great way for men to express themselves. It is true that the pop or sporting worlds are not exactly crazy about his fashion trend, […]

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What to do about damaged earlobes from piercing

Sep 06, 17 What to do about damaged earlobes from piercing

There are many reasons why men choose to have their ears pierced. They want to feel stylish, longing to look like their favourite celebrities, but they also want to display their wealth. Did you think that guys wear just about anything in their ears? No, they wear diamonds or gold. The lower earlobe is the […]

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How to make your own collection of watches

Aug 11, 17 How to make your own collection of watches

Watches represent an almost indispensable accessory, suitable for both men and women, but with certain differences in terms of style. Generally, the main purpose of this item is to allow you to check the time whenever you need and helps you be punctual. On the other hand, besides the functionality, some people consider purchasing expensive […]

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Why you should ditch your current underwear in favor of boxer briefs

  There are literally thousands of underwear styles to choose from, each one with specific attributes. What undergarments are there available? Boxers, briefs, boxer briefs, trunks, jockstraps, and more. Just a few years ago, the only choice men had to make was between boxers and briefs. There is no doubt that they both have advantages, […]

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How To Have A Perfect Beard Using A Beard Trimmer

May 16, 17 How To Have A Perfect Beard Using A Beard Trimmer

A beard trimmer is a great tool for having a perfect beard, being very easy to use and performant at the same time. This modern device can help you cut you facial hair without too many difficulties, being more and more popular among those who want to always have a well-groomed beard.

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Creating the best wedding outfit for men – ideas about colour combinations

  Nowadays, more and more people are keen on looking very stylish. If you are one of them, it means that you are planning to create a special outfit. Don’t worry because everything will look great as long as you will combine the right colours and textures. The first thing you should do is choosing […]

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