Best Men’s Wallets

Wallets are a very important accessory for men, much like the purse is indispensable to women. In order to understand what the best men’s wallets are we must first learn their history. The wallet, though it had different uses and connotations, has been in use for centuries, maybe as far as Ancient Greece, when it was used by poor men to carry different articles. It was, if you will, a sort of survival pack that could contain food and other essentials. The wallet began taking shape about the time when metal was becoming a common material for currency, but it also carried things like statements of accounts, dried meats or other food stuffs. It was actually considered uncivilized to wear the wallet in your pockets, so men wore them around their belts. The wallet as we know it today was created in the 1950s when credit cards were invented, while the ’70s saw the invention of the Velcro seal.

There are now numerous types of wallets, so in order to know what the best men’s wallets are for you, we’ll say something about the more important ones. The normal wallet is built to fit in a pocket and hold banknotes and credit cards. If you don’t carry around documents, identity cards and other stuff, you can go for a money clip, which is usually quite small. The first wallet we’ll discuss is the breast, or “secretary wallet” which got its name because it’s made to be worn in a man’s breast pocket or handbag. It is designed so that you can store your banknotes unfolded; it can also hold cheques or other important documents that don’t fit a normal, folded wallet. The normal wallet, or bi-folded wallet has become standard among men today and it allows banknotes to be folded once. There is also the tri-folded wallet which requires for banknotes to be folded twice and that holds credit cards vertically.

Other wallet types include the front pocket wallet, the long wallet – a larger wallet tied to the pants with a chain that holds bills unfolded and was made popular by bikers who wanted to secure their wallets while riding their motorcycles –, the wallet band, the wrist wallet, the travel wallet – another large wallet used when traveling because it can hold money, credit cards, traveler’s cheques, passports, boarding tickets, travel insurance and other such items one needs –, the Jimi, the Shoewallet, the Digital wallet – a computer file that stores digital currency and, finally, the Side by side wallet, which divides the contents into two stacks and is made of thicker material.

In conclusion, you must decide what type of person you are in order to be able to choose the best men’s wallets for you. If you are a relaxed person who doesn’t carry much around, a smaller, bi-folded wallet is for you, but if you’re a businessman with a lot on his mind, a larger, more roomy wallet like the side by side might be a good choice.