Brooks Brothers’ Men’s Shirts

The shirt was an item for underwear until the twentieth century, so it was considered improper to appear in society with nothing over it; though the fashions of the time allowed for different models, anything else than the color white was not seen until the nineteenth century and wasn’t largely accepted until much later. Nowadays the shirt doesn’t exclusively refer to the garment with a collar, cuffed sleeves and vertical front opening with buttons, but it’s a term that includes pretty much any piece of upper body clothing.

Whether you want to be casual, urban or elegant and stylish, Brooks Brothers’ men’s shirts come in a great variety so they offer something for everyone. Brooks Brothers is the oldest men’s clothing house in the United States and it was founded in 1818 as a family business. Though they are mostly viewed as a traditional clothier, the brand is actually responsible for many innovations in fashion. In 1896, the grandson of founder Henry Sandy Brooks applied button-down collars on dress shirts after being inspired by the clothes of Polo players. The brand is also one of the first companies to produce ready-made clothing. Other novelties the Brooks Brothers are responsible for are the foulard ties – neck-ware made from a fabric that combines silk and wool and is colorfully printed –, the Sack Suit, an Ivy League style of menswear that includes a three-button coat, the Pink Dress Shirt, The Shetland Sweater, the Non-Iron Cotton Shirt and many, many others.

The examples above clearly show why Brooks Brothers’ men’s shirts are still the best shirts you can buy around the world. The Brooks Brothers were so common in the twentieth century that a joke said a Neanderthal could pass unnoticed if dressed in one of their suits. Besides having famous customers like Andy Warhol, Cary Grant, Clark Gable, Jimmy Stewart, and even Abraham Lincoln, they also had famous employees. We’re talking about Ralph Lauren, who was inspired for his Polo shirts by those he saw in the Brooks Brothers stores. The company has also always catered to Hollywood productions, dressing stars such as Ben Affleck in Pearl Harbor, Gene Hackman in The Royal Tenenbaums, and the cast in the very successful TV series Mad Men. So these shirts are ideal not only for casual fashion ideas, but for elegant events as well; what you wear with them, in terms of suits, pants and accessories, is what confers their character. So the next time you’re out of casual fashion ideas, remember that going classic is a surefire way of looking good any time.

As you can see, today Brooks Brothers’ men’s shirts are still some of the most sought-after menswear. They are so famous and respected that authors have mentioned them in novels and other literature. Among them is Kurt Vonnegut who dresses his character from Jailbird in a Brooks Brothers suit, William S. Burroughs who writes in Junkie about an addict who trades a Brooks Brothers suit for two hits of heroin, or Bret Easton Ellis who dresses his psychotic antihero from American Psycho in the same brand.