Calvin Klein’s Men’s Shirts

The shirt was initially an undergarment worn exclusively by men and it remained as such until the twentieth century. In American English the term can be used to describe any type of upper garment besides sweaters, jackets, coats, bras or vests, whereas the British English uses it to describe the garment with a collar, buttoned sleeves or cuffs and a full vertical opening with buttons or snaps. The shirt can be worn with a necktie wrapped under the collar. Today shirts come in various shapes, styles and sizes and can be made out of almost any fabric. There are even shirts that come with replaceable collars, for men who need to stay fresh and presentable.

Whether you’re looking for a button-down shirt for a special event or just some casual, comfortable street wear, Calvin Klein is probably the best bet for it. Besides being one of the best fashion houses in the world, Calvin Klein was, in 2002 acquisitioned by Philips van Heusen, the world’s largest shirt company. Calvin Klein’s men’s shirts are designed for the last few years by famous Italian designer Italo Zucchelli, who has become notorious for using unique materials for his designs. Even though he is an original and accomplished artist and designer, Zucchelli still collaborates with and takes advice from Calvin Klein himself, in order to make sure his creations still ring true to the original vision of the brand.

Calvin Klein has always been a provocative brand that constantly pushed the boundaries in advertising and design alike. They quickly realized that marketing is as important as the product itself, and how you choose to present an object is what decides that object’s success or failure. Calvin Klein’s men’s shirts are very likely to be to everyone’s tastes, seeing how the brand is famous for its minimal, clear-lined, sophisticated designs that scream urban. The brand is also famous for being the first designer house to create the unisex fragrance, for making men’s utilitarian underwear sexy and for breaking barriers with their accessibly-priced jeans promoted in a controversial commercial by then minor Brooke Shields.

Though founded more than fifty years ago, this brand is still one of the most notorious and qualitative on the market, which is why Calvin Klein’s men’s shirts are an ideal choice for those who want to be sexy, comfortable and fashionable in any situation, whether they’re a regular Joe or a celebrity.