Celebrity-Inspired Short Haircuts for Men

Some say that it is much harder for men to find a good haircut, because there’s just not that many options, especially if you want to maintain the traditional short hair look. But this couldn’t be farther from the truth, and you could say that today at least, the world of men’s fashion haircuts is almost as complex as that of women’s hairstyles. Both sexes enjoy today a freedom in choosing their own style that previous generations never did, because you had to fit into a certain social standard. Nowadays, we can make our own standards. So if you’re looking for short haircuts for men that are appealing and make you look handsome, we know exactly what you should do: get inspiration from male celebrities.

Women always look to celebrities in order to augment their style, whether it’s about clothing, makeup or hairstyle, and men should do the same. Hollywood stars like Zac Efron or Chris Hemsworth are very good examples of how a man can look handsome and kempt without going overboard. If you pay close attention to the first photo, you see one of Zac’s latest hairstyles, and as you can see, the retro style is in full action. In fact, you can say that Efron’s hairstyle is quite traditional, with longer tresse that allow him to style it with mousse or gel, to sweep it back or create a messy hairstyle.

Chris Hemsworth, who is also known for wearing longer hair, has recently sported some interesting short haircuts for men as well; however, he too opted for a longer cut, one which allows him to have this sleek look on the red carpet and at elegant events, but which also permits him to rebel and be casual when he feels like it. The great thing about these haircuts is that any man can pull them off, because a good hair stylist will know how to adapt them to your features and type of hair. Indeed, men with curly hair should have to look elsewhere, but one tip we can give them is that going a bit longer on your haircut is always indicated, so you leave enough length for your curls to be defined.

Another celebrity that has been in the limelight lately is Leonardo DiCaprio, not only due to his great acting, but to his incredible style sense as well. Leo has always been a bit of an outsider, but one thing we can say about him: he’s not a trend follower, but a trend setter. And when it comes to retro short haircuts for men, he definitely takes the prize home. In this photo, he looks particularly retro and rugged, and his side-swept hairstyle with a bit of volume in the front gives him an appealing ruggedness.

So the next time you’re having trouble deciding what your next short haircut should look like, just get inspiration from your favorite male celebrities, or even from favorite athletes like David Beckham or Ronaldinho, because they always wear the most fashionable short haircuts for men.