Do Men Prefer Women Drunk and Dumb?

   What are the things that make men feel attracted to women? Are there any signs or clues that tip men off when a woman is available or willing? Or do men prefer women drunk and dumb because they’re easier to seduce? Recent studies show that men can recognize certain cues that tell them when a woman is willing to go home with them or is available for flirting.

In a study conducted at the University of Texas at Austin, 76 undergraduate heterosexual men were asked to rate photos of women according to their attractiveness for short- or long-term relationships and their “exploitability”, meaning the level of difficulty they thought seducing them would be. Apparently, the women that were rated as “easy” were more likely to have certain features, like signs of being easily manipulated, of being immature, flirty or of low intelligence; other traits made them seem easy to convince if they were drunk or tired. Not surprisingly, men found these types of women more attractive, but only in case of a short-term relationship.

Does this mean that men prefer women drunk and dumb? Not necessarily, but it’s just possible for them to recognize the women with a more liberal attitude and take advantage of it if they want to. This doesn’t mean they ignore smart, less flirty women, but if they’re looking for a one-night stand they must try to seduce a different type of women. Overall, the study indicated that men might be more turned on by women who have their guard down. After all, at their basest instincts, men are hunters so it’s no wonder they are attracted to the idea of domination.

Not all men prefer women drunk and dumb; on the contrary, many of them only look for steady relationships with balanced women. Those who proved to be attracted to easy women and to recognize with facility the cues that give them up were themselves lacking in empathy and warmth and tended to be more promiscuous. For other men, drunk and dumb women aren’t even visible and they blend into the crowd without arousing their interest.

All in all, the study just goes to show that there are women for any type of man and men for any type of woman. Men prefer women drunk and dumb only in certain situations, so this doesn’t mean that reasonable women can never attract a man. It all depends on what everyone’s looking for.