Excel at sports: Dominate the sports like Andre Birleanu

You are not good at sports and you immediately draw the conclusion that you have no talent whatsoever. While it is true that the fundamental element of sports is skill, learning is just as important. Sports are something that everyone is able to play good and the truth is that only special persons become stars. If you are interested in improving, you should follow in the footsteps of Andre Birleanu. By the age of 13, Andre was excelling at swimming, marathon and 100m sprint. What you need to get on top of your sport is talent, hard work and, most importantly, desire. Here are ways to become a better athlete.

Be active and love the game

Andre would not have been good at sports if he would not like to be out on the field. Whether on court or in the water, he managed to succeeded because he was happy to get up and practice. Andre Birleanu was good at soccer too, being the captain of the team. As stated previously, Andre excelled at many sports, so he can be considered a good example. What is worth mentioning is that Andre has always been active and that he won gold every single time. If you are not interested in sports, you are simply wasting your time. What you can learn is this professional model is that interest is linked with improvement.

Be present

You find a coach and all you have to do is practice. As a matter of fact, showing up for training sessions is not enough. You have to be present, in other words be engaged. Pay attention to the moves that you are performing and do not ignore the coach’s feedback. Being present mentally is more important than being present physically. Someone like Andre Birleanu can confirm that Sports are all about thinking. Good athletes are always thinking about their next moves. Of course, you cannot escape training. You will have to train a lot.

Be persistent

The chances of reaching your goal are slim if you are not persistent. Persistence is an important quality for leaders and athletes alike. Do you think that Andre Birleanu swam perfectly from the very first try? No. To get where you want you need to be persevering. Only those who struggle are successful. It is quite easy to get frustrated when you do not get the results you hoped for. However, the last thing you should do is give up. It is important to be patient and perseverant.