The Checkered Tailoring Trend

Jun 09, 14 The Checkered Tailoring Trend

The checkered tailoring trend has been very popular for a while now and according to the latest designer collections, it is unlikely to fall out of fashion any time soon. As such, we thought that you could use some guidelines on how to integrate this trend into your wardrobe.

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The 1940s Men Fashion Description

Apr 20, 14 The 1940s Men Fashion Description

The 1940s men fashion involved wearing clothes that were meant to bring a little joy in ex soldiers lives. That is how colorful items started to appear in everyone’s wardrobes. Hand painted ties featuring landscapes and colorful shirts were just a few of the trends men started to adopt those days. The Zoot suit was also very trendy among young people.

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What People Need to Know about Mens Fashion Week

Apr 14, 14 What People Need to Know about Mens Fashion Week

Creating a separate mens fashion week allows designers to show their upcoming collections twice a year. So, if you love fashion you must prepare for the January runway shows. They are very inspiring which means everybody can understand and recreate the new trends. Fashion magazines are the main source of promotion regarding this aspect.

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The Best Electric Shavers

Feb 26, 14 The Best Electric Shavers

An electric shaver is a tool that all modern men should use. Most men still use classic razor blades because they get the job done without any hassle. However, those of you who have tried electric razors are well aware of the fact that such a device can make one’s life a lot easier.

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How to Wear a Tie

Feb 11, 14 How to Wear a Tie

The tie or necktie has been worn by men ever since the Roman Empire, maybe even before that. It wasn’t the tie we know and wear today, but something similar, like a scarf tied around the neck and it was an emblem of belonging to a certain group. So the tie has always been a […]

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Brooks Brothers’ Men’s Shirts

Jan 19, 14 Brooks Brothers’ Men’s Shirts

The shirt was an item for underwear until the twentieth century, so it was considered improper to appear in society with nothing over it; though the fashions of the time allowed for different models, anything else than the color white was not seen until the nineteenth century and wasn’t largely accepted until much later. Nowadays […]

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Polo Shirts for Men

Jan 09, 14 Polo Shirts for Men

Though originally created as an improvement in terms of sportswear for tennis and polo players, polo shirts for men are still popular among regular people too, especially since the best shirts are created by important designers like Lacoste and Ralph Lauren.

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80s Fashion Men

Dec 27, 13 80s Fashion Men

Even if our days bring more and more fashion trends and designers are in a permanent competition for gaining more success and appreciation with both their women and men fashion products, sooner or later trends will come back to old times.

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Best Men’s Wallets

Dec 08, 13 Best Men’s Wallets

Wallets are a very important accessory for men, much like the purse is indispensable to women. In order to understand what the best men’s wallets are we must first learn their history. The wallet, though it had different uses and connotations, has been in use for centuries, maybe as far as Ancient Greece, when it […]

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Instructions on How to Wear a Tie

Nov 24, 13 Instructions on How to Wear a Tie

The tie has been a part of menswear for centuries now and it is still an important accessory and fashion statement. Though the tie is now mostly associated with formal, business wear, it can still be worn in many different ways and social situations. It can be worn for casual or rebellious situations as well. […]

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