Calvin Klein’s Men’s Shirts

Oct 08, 13 Calvin Klein’s Men’s Shirts

he shirt was initially an undergarment worn exclusively by men and it remained as such until the twentieth century. In American English the term can be used to describe any type of upper garment besides sweaters, jackets, coats, bras or vests, whereas the British English uses it to describe the garment with a collar, buttoned sleeves or cuffs and a full vertical opening with buttons or snaps.

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Mens Vests

Oct 02, 13 Mens Vests

The market offers quite a wide selection of great mens vests, designed for every occasion from wearing them in business meetings to choosing them as outfits for riding the motorcycle.

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Metal Collar Stays

Sep 01, 13 Metal Collar Stays

Metal collar stays can be a really useful addition to any man’s wardrobe, especially if they have to wear suits all the time, or very often; they help keep the collars of a shirt straight and aligned during long and busy days, which means men no longer have to worry about looking kempt and elegant.

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Fashionable Tattoos for Men

Aug 16, 13 Fashionable Tattoos for Men

In the last decades, tattoos have transitioned from outcast symbols to mainstream trends. As more and more celebrities decide to get tattoos, even the fashion world has embraced this type of body art. Noways, most style icons are seen wearing various fashionable tattoos.

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Men’s AW 13 Fashion Trend: Pleated Trousers

Jul 21, 13 Men’s AW 13 Fashion Trend: Pleated Trousers

Apart from anybody would say about men’s fashion, there is one certain fact that everyone could agree with: men love being fashionable! Check out right now Men’s AW 13 Fashion Trend: Pleated Trousers and make your own choice!

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AW13 Coloured Trousers Trend Guide

Jun 29, 13 AW13 Coloured Trousers Trend Guide

Before making any acquisition for this autumn, we invite you to check out our AW13 Coloured Trousers Trend Guide and get updated with all the recommendations made by designers! It will only take you a couple of minutes while reading these tips!

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Special Gifts for Fashionable Men

Jun 11, 13 Special Gifts for Fashionable Men

It was perhaps due to the fact that they don’t have access to as many accessories that men have become so infatuated with watches, but also because in olden times a watch was something indispensable to a respectable business man who wished to know the exact time and be on time at every meeting or important event.

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Mens Fashion Tips

May 25, 13 Mens Fashion Tips

Those who want to change or improve their style should spend some time analyzing men’s fashion tips, as they can help to drastically improve one’s general appearance and, more importantly, how the world sees one.

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Mens Jeans

Apr 19, 13 Mens Jeans

Men’s jeans are nowadays just as complex as women’s jeans, and they come in a multitude of shapes and sizes, so it’s important to know what to look for when you go around shopping.

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Mens khaki pants

Apr 19, 13 Mens khaki pants

Today, modern mens khaki pants are becoming more and more popular thanks to some top brands which put their names on a more stylish look of these pants and design models for every age and style.

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