Rotary Vs. Foil Electric Razor- The Best Electric Shaver Reviews

Mar 24, 13 Rotary Vs. Foil Electric Razor- The Best Electric Shaver Reviews

The best electric shaver reviews imply that people should analyze their needs before buying a certain model. Although choosing between a rotary and a foil shaver can seem difficult, you won’t feel the same after reading the characteristics that each product has. Here is some effective information that will help you make the best choice.

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Flannel Jacket

Feb 10, 13 Flannel Jacket

   The flannel jacket has always been one of the most popular mens fashion jackets. It used to represent the working man’s garment of choice, together with the denim overalls and jeans. Invented sometime during the 1970s, flannel was worn by everyone, and though we recognize it in depictions of lumberjacks throughout America or Canada, […]

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Mens skinny ties

Dec 21, 12 Mens skinny ties

Who doesn’t know how great men can look dressed up in elegant suits and putting an assorted tie that completes a look all men will want to have in special occasions. Mens skinny ties seem to have resisted throughout the time and be among the most popular accessories men choose to wear alongside with appropriate […]

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Mens dress shirts

Nov 26, 12 Mens dress shirts

Mens dress shirts represent the clothing elements every man has in his wardrobe. Lately, the fashion styles involve a wide selection of different types of dress shirts all men want to wear in their daily lives. The men’s shirts range from the classic button-up shirts and the long sleeve shirts or short sleeve dress shirts […]

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Fashion for Men with Attitude

Nov 12, 12 Fashion for Men with Attitude

Leather is one of the best materials used for the confectioning of clothing and accessories because, besides looking very good, it is also very resistant and an original Aviator jacket, made with care and skill can still look good ten years later, so much so that it can be passed on from father to son like a family heirloom.

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1950s Mens Fashion

Oct 23, 12 1950s Mens Fashion

Looking at how 1950s mens fashion was we realize how much freedom of choice and style we have today, even though men still have fewer options than women, whom fashion designers have always spoiled with the most innovative clothing.

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Tuxedo Styles

Oct 22, 12 Tuxedo Styles

Among other special occasion clothing, the elegant tuxedo styles seem to gain more and more popularity among men thanks to their great tuxedo outfits which come along with wonderful accessories guaranteed to complete a look everyone will admire.

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Celebrity Inspired Halloween Costumes

Oct 20, 12 Celebrity Inspired Halloween Costumes

Halloween costumes give people the chance to be whoever they want for one day. Therefore, if you always wondered how it would be like to be a gangster or a secret agent, you must take advantage of this yearly celebration and search for a costume that will help you break the monotony of your normal life.

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