Fashionable Tattoos for Men

For a long time, tattoos were a symbol for society’s outcasts: criminals, sailors and bikers. However, more and more people started using the rebel symbolism of tattoos in order to state their disregard to society’s lifestyle standards.Eventually, tattoos transformed from outcast symbols into mainstream trends. More and more celebrities are choosing tattoos in order to commemorate people they hold dear or to display their beliefs and moral values. Due to the fact that tattoos are permanent, they can’t really follow trends, but that does not mean that they cannot be stylish. In fact, a lot of male models and designers were spotted wearing fashionable tattoos.

Tattoo history

Tattoos transitioned from outcast labels to a form of art through the various freak shows that were organized in the western world. Later on, sailors started using tattoos as a way to remember their journeys in various exotic countries. The sailors who were talented enough in order to pick up some needle skills, opened their own tattoo shops when they returned home. Jerry Collins was a sailor who understood the health risks or tattoos and he raised the hygiene standards for tattoo shops. His work became legendary in the tattoo history. If it were not for him, we may never have had the opportunity to see fashionable tattoos as the health risks associated with this body art would have impeded the increase of the popularity of tattoos.

Fashionable tattoos

Nowadays, tattoos are the most distinguished type of body art as more and more celebrities use them in order to make their bodies unique. The popularity of tattoos was also increased by certain TV shows such as Miami Ink. The fashion world has also embraced the tattoo trends as many models were seen wearing this type of body art. In fact, a lot of public figures use tattoos as their signature marks. Such is the case of David Beckham, whose manly tattoos have inspired many fans to style up their bodies. David Beckham has even collaborated with the famous H&M brand in order to advertise a new collection. The brand used Beckham’s tattoos in order to promote a rebel style which was associated with their collection at that time.

What are the best locations for tattoos

If you decide to get a tattoo, you should know that the tattoo’s location is just as important as the tattoo itself. As a man, it is best to avoid certain locations such as the lower back or the ankle, as these types of tattoos are generally considered to be girly. The most fashionable tattoos for men are the ones located on the shoulder, on the upper arm, on the back and on the chest.