Gadgets that Every Modern Man Should Have in His Car

The car is a very important item for every man, and each of them is continuously improving and beautifying their own car in order to make their driving easier and more comfortable. Some cars come with many equipments, but others need some help from various high-tech gadgets that are specially designed to increase the level of comfort of the car and that every modern man should have in his car. Technologies that used to be common only in luxury cars are nowadays available for every driver, but those who want to install them on their cars must pay large amounts of money. Automatic parking systems, internet, HD TV and board games consoles can be mounted on any vehicle regardless of age or brand for a substantial amount of money. Here are some of the most wanted and innovative gadgets you can install on your car in order to improve your driving.

Parking sensors

Interestingly, but not surprisingly, 60% of parking sensors buyers are women. The only systems that ensure a carefree parking have more than three sensors, thus offering full coverage on the back of the car and very cautious drivers choose a parking system with four sensors and a display in the rearview mirror. The parking sensors are easy to install, they require no mirror replacement and have a minimum limit of distance detection of 30 cm.

Radar detector

Since many drivers like to over speed but none of them want to get speeding tickets, the radar detector is one of the most useful and practical gadgets available for car installation. Such a device uses radio waves to detect the radar devices that are placed on your route and warns you in case you have exceeded the speed limit. If you read the reviews on, you will see that many models have maps stored in their memory and allow you to memorize a certain route, for example, the one you use from home to work, and lets you know whether there is any radar on the route.

Android sound systems

For drivers and road companions who are smartphone or tablet addicts, there is available an Android sound system with maps for navigation, internet and games incorporated. The installation process is easy, in just 20 minutes and it is compatible with any car.

GPS systems

To the delight of drivers who love the GPS technology, the era in which we used to ask passers-by for directions is almost over, since more and more navigation systems with complete maps are available. These systems are extremely easy to use, have touch-screen interfaces, internal hard drives, internal rechargeable battery and a Bluetooth which enables hands-free phone use and the download of information about traffic and weather in real time.