How to Find a Girlfriend

   Many men are preoccupied with how to find a girlfriend and may become so obsessive about it they lose sight of what’s more important. There is no perfect woman just like there’s no perfect man, so when looking for a girlfriend one mustn’t focus only on what his desires and expectations are, but on what women want too. The best advice there is on how to find a girlfriend is to talk to women. This may seem like a stupid advice, because what else are you going to do? But we’re saying talk to them, which means you have to listen, pay attention, be interested in what she likes and who she is. If she’s talking to you already, it means you’re in, but the games aren’t over.


Yet for those who are shy, talking with girls can be quite difficult. How do you approach a woman without coming off to strong? What do you say to her, how can you start a conversation? First of all, avoid pick-up lines. Women are bored of that already, and if you want a girlfriend and not a one-night stand you must be respectful from the start. Any common subject will do, just engage her in a conversation and then it might turn out she’s just as interested as you are. There are no safe and certain tips on how to find a girlfriend, you just have to try until you meet the right person. Don’t go out thinking that you must meet a woman, be relaxed and patient, sooner or later someone will show up.

If you’re going out alone at a bar or someplace else looking to meet a woman, don’t overdo it. Don’t set out looking for a girlfriend, you might give yourself off and you will look desperate, making women want to avoid you. Meeting people in general can also be very helpful when looking how to find a girlfriend. Networking means the more friends or acquaintances you have, the bigger the chances you’ll meet a girl. Take care of your physical appearance; you don’t have to be flashy or very stylish, but you mustn’t be sloppy either.

Compliment girls, but not just for the sake of it. Observe if they’re wearing a new scarf or earrings or if their hair looks particularly good that day and compliment them on that. It doesn’t even have to be something physical, you can just compliment them on their sense of humor or other aptitudes.