How to Fully Exploit the Effect of the Tribal Arm Tattoo

For men, tribal arm designs have always been the primary option when it comes to getting a tattoo. Tribal patterns are a bold choice, and especially when worn on the arms, they are guaranteed to not pass unnoticed. With so many options out there for tribal patterns, the only limitations of having a particular idea or motif integrated in a new tattoo design are dictated by your own preference and the skill of the tattoo artist.

As for selecting the best placement on the arm, there really aren’t any strict rules and in the end it is mostly up to you to decide what works and what doesn’t. However, to help you come up with your own thing, you should know that the armband and sleeve tattoo designs are recognized for their capability of complimenting tribal patterns and are commonly chosen over other arm tattoo options. If you don’t have any design in you mind you can check this website where you can find thousands of design. 

Armband tattoos are usually done to draw attention on the biceps muscle, (which is great by the way if you want your arms to appear bigger), and go round the arm similar to a band. To ensure that the tribal motif or pattern used will fit in well into the overall armband tattoo, it is generally a good idea to opt for something symmetrical and not overly complex.

In case you want to keep a minimal color palette for your armband tattoo, find out that black ink alone can be quite sufficient for the design to stand out. However, you have the freedom to explore any other color options you think that may be appropriate. You can ask the tattoo artist to create the contours for the design in black ink and fill in the patterns and motifs using tones of red, blue, grey, or maybe some burnt sienna and hints of ochre-yellow to create a rusty, aged effect for the whole tattoo. As for the styles, some of the more common choices are Maori themes, as well as Asian-art inspired patterns. The ideas are numerous, so make sure you look deeper into it together with the tattoo artist.

Tribal sleeve tattoos, which include full hand, half hand and quarter hand designs, are also increasingly popular and can be used to create cool effects. Unlike the smaller sized armband tattoo variety, with sleeve tattoos (and especially full-hand tattoos) it may better to spice things up and go for a combination between tribal patterns and some other motifs, such as a stylized Chinese dragon, snake, or skull, to fully exploit the extra coverage advantage of the design.