How To Have A Perfect Beard Using A Beard Trimmer

These days, beards are very trendy, and more and more men decide to grow a beard in order to change their look. Luckily, there are many popular beard styles you can choose from, starting with a full beard and ending with a hipster beard. However, while deciding upon your favorite beard style is rather easy, when it comes to grooming the beard, things can get more difficult. Therefore, you’ll need to keep your facial hair under control if you want to always have a perfect beard, but this usually takes time. To groom your beard, you can either opt for a pair of scissors or a beard trimmer. The last one is much easier to use, being a great choice for a novice who doesn’t know too much about how to handle the scissors. For better results, you have to use a great beard trimmer because it will help you a lot in maintaining the length and shape of the hair. Having a perfect beard is not that easy, but fortunately, we have gathered some tips that will surely help you in achieving your goals is you use a quality trimmer.

  • Always Wash and Dry the Beard
    Every time you want to trim your facial hair, it’s best to wash it by using shampoo and conditioner and then dry it. This will keep it soft and you will be able to trim it much easier. After you dry the hair, you can also use a comb to make sure the beard has no curled up hairs that may remain uncut.
  • Choose the Right Length Setting
    After your beard is clean, it’s time to get into action. The first thing you have to do is to choose the appropriate length of the trimmer to make sure you don’t over cut your hair. In case you don’t know what length to choose, a great tip is to start with the longest length of the device. Then, little by little you can select a shorter length until you find the one that you want.
  • Start with the Neck Area
    This is not mandatory, but most men prefer to start with the neck area and slowly move to the face. What you have to keep in mind is that the hair in this area is usually longer because it grows faster, so you can use a longer length for a perfect beard. Also, if you want to define the neck line, you should use the device blade in order to cut the extra hair and trace a straight border.
  • Continue with the Sides
    The next step is to trim the sides of the beard according to the style you like best. As a tip, you should always use long smooth strokes when cutting the hair and hold the same angle. After you finish with the sides, you can continue with the chin area and finish with the mustache. As a tip, if you want a nicer beard, you can cut the sides shorter than the chin area.
  • Pay a Special Attention to the Mustache
    When it comes to the mustache, you have to pay more attention as this is area is a little bit harder to trim. You can start by combing the mustache in the direction it grows and cut the hair that extends over your lip. However, you have to be careful and avoid cutting the hair too short because this is a mistake that you won’t be able to repair.
  • Maintenance Routine
    After you achieve a well-trimmed beard, you just have to make sure you maintain its length by using the trimmer every time necessary. The facial hair grows pretty fast, so you need to keep it neatly trimmed by cutting the stray hairs.


Achieving and maintaining the perfect beard with the help of a trimmer is not that difficult if you follow some simple tips. You just have to get a reliable trimmer and things will be much easier because handling this tool is not complicated at all. Its main purpose is to help you have a nice looking beard without too much effort on your part, being the most convenient solution when it comes to maintaining your facial hair. All in all, it seems that these days, using a trimmer is quite easy, having the advantage of helping you save money on trips to the barber.