How to make your own collection of watches

Watches represent an almost indispensable accessory, suitable for both men and women, but with certain differences in terms of style. Generally, the main purpose of this item is to allow you to check the time whenever you need and helps you be punctual. On the other hand, besides the functionality, some people consider purchasing expensive watches a way to express their wealth and refined tastes. We should not forget about watch collectors who own a diversity of unique models with different characteristics, materials, designs and prices. Of course, this accomplishment requires a slow process and a considerable investment in terms of patience, money and ironically, time. However, it is not impossible and can prove to be quite satisfying.

The beginning is always difficult

If you are passionate about watches and you already own several intricate well-made models that truly deserve more attention like a vintage Rolex, nothing holds you back from building your own collection. However, there are certain aspects that you should always keep in mind and will prove to be useful when you have to make hard choices and difficult decisions. Arm yourself with determination at the beginning of the process and do a detailed research about various retailers and brands in order to become familiar with this domain. It is also important to know the quality price ratio because you should not pay more money than its worth.  You can visit several shops or you can use the internet and explore specialized websites for any type of information.

Maintain the quality of your watches

Besides gathering the watches and increasing your collection, you should also pay attention to their maintenance. Depending on their age, material and usage they can deteriorate in time and the quality of your collection will significantly drop. You can choose to clean them personally or you can resort to an expert who will also provide a professional inspection. In addition, you should also take into consideration if you wear or store them. In the first case, you must change their batteries by using an adequate tool. In the second case, you should buy a special box designed especially for protecting watches.

Follow your passion…to a certain point

After gathering your first watches, you will inevitably become “trapped in time’ meaning you will crave for other unique pieces to increase the value of your collection. Nevertheless, you have to think on long term and consider the financial expenses. You can find new targets every day, but you should not let yourself carried away because you will eventually regret it. Buying two similar watches is a mistake, not to mention boring so you have to explore the market for many options. In exchange, you can be wise and purchase extremely different models because even though your collection will not include a wide variety of watches, at least it will be diverse and interesting. For instance, if you already have a new model, buy a vintage piece or if you have a sport watch, choose a more elegant one.