How to wear: printed t-shirts for men

Fashions trends are always undergoing changes, but there are some items that remain in style, regardless of season or year. For a couple of years now, one item that has become a must for the wardrobe of both men and women is the well-known printed t-shirt. These clothing items have become such a popular choice due to their versatility, giving people the chance to express their own fashion taste and choose a design that suits their personality and style. Nowadays, with just a few clicks online, you will find various companies that handle custom screen printing Vancouver, and allow you to choose the print you desire and deliver the items to your front door. However, because it is a known fact that men sometimes need a little guidance with their outfits, a few ideas on how you can wear this type of clothing item may come in handy:

Black ripped jeans – leather jacket

An outfit combo that is comfortable yet stylish enough consists of a pair of black jeans, preferably ripped, a printed tee and a leather jacket. Choose a t-shirt with a rock band print or a minimalist design to maintain the rock & roll vibe of the leather jacket. With these three basic items, your will have a fashion magazine inspired look, and due to your choice of t-shirt print, the look will also have your personal mark on it.

Chinos and printed tees

Although chinos may not seem to go so well with a graphic t-shirt, if you choose the right print, and put on suitable shoes, the combination will be unique, and will certainly make you stand out from the crowd. Because the style of these bottoms is a rather classic one, give the outfit a more relaxed vibe by opting for a funny print on your t-shirt. Put on a pair of sneakers, and perhaps a denim jacket if the weather is colder, and you will have a perfect everyday look.

Smart casual look

If the occasion calls for a more elegant appearance, but you do not want to comprise on your regular choice of clothes, then you can easily create a smart casual look by combining a t-shirt with the print of your choice with a blazer. Add a pair of dark blue jeans and some leather loafers, and voila, you have managed to successfully combine elegance and comfort. With printed tees you do not have to step out of your comfort zone in order to be stylish and fashionable.

Fashion is all about creativity, and most of all about originality. Leave basic t-shirts behind, and try something more colorful and expressive. Printed t-shirts, which have become a popular fashionable choice among both men and woman, can be the essential item for any street wear outfit. Order you one customised tees online and combine them to achieve trendsetting looks. With these unique clothing items at your disposal, you will not need to spend hundreds of dollars to look authentic and fashionable.