How Unhealthy Habits Can Affect Your Life

Despite the fact that a society is supposed to move forward, people are often confused about the meaning of a better lifestyle. At the moment, a lot of people associate a good life with financial stability. In order to reach that stability, a lot of people sacrifice their health and most of their spare time. As a result, we all turn into robots whose routine consists into going to work, eating, coming home late, crushing in front of the TV and sleeping. This is how most people spend their days. We work so hard that we simply can’t find the time to exercise or stick to a healthy diet. However, it is important to understand what we are actually sacrificing. What good will money be when your health system will start crushing? What benefits can money get you if you are depressed, antisocial and alone? A healthy lifestyle is the foundation of happiness. Money is only a mean which can improve that happiness further on. Keep in mind that what we are about to tell you are not general considerations, but facts, backed by numerous medical studies.

Risks associated with an unhealthy diet

You are probably well aware of the fact that an unhealthy diet leads to weight gain which in turn can lead to poor self esteem issues, depression and many other psychological disorders. However, there are certain men who have no problem with a beer belly and can still manage to feel good about themselves even if they are overweight. You may also know that obesity leads to heart conditions. However, it seems that these general health considerations don’t really concern the majority of men. As such, we will focus on something that will get the attention of all men: erectile dysfunctions. Yes, an unhealthy diet is one of the major causes that leads to impotence. Here is what happens: when a person is overweight, the liver produces excess aromatase, an enzyme which is responsible for testosterone-estrogen conversion. When this enzyme’s levels are above average, a male’s body produces less testosterone and more estrogen (man boobs are the first of the problems that come from this unbalance). In the meantime, an overweight person produces more prolactin than normal. Prolactin is a compound close connected with dopamine, which is responsible for arousal reflexes. Too much prolactin leads to diluted dopamine, which in turn leads to the body’s inability to feel aroused. At this point, unless you change your lifestyle, your sex life will depend on potency pills. Nevertheless, you can combine a healthy diet with some potency pills, so that your relationship won’t suffer while you get back on the right track. Personally, we advise you to read some VigRX reviews. Unlike other potency enhancers, VigRX is all natural and it won’t affect your fertility. As you will see from the customer reviews, VigRX is also a lot cheaper than similar supplements.

Risks associated with a sedentary lifestyle

Since we are on this topic, a sedentary lifestyle can also lead to impotence. When the human body gets lazy and fat, the arteries lose their elasticity and get clogged. Since an erection cannot occur without a proper blood flow, a sedentary life is one of the major causes of impotence. Furthermore, since sex is an activity which requires a certain amount of physical exercise, sedentary people usually have a lower sexual appetite. People who don’t exercise can also get lonely and depressed. If you spend most of your time indoors, you will miss out on a lot of memories that your friends will be making without you. It is also a known fact that practicing sport is an activity which releases endorphin, the happiness hormone.