Lee Min Ho Plastic Surgery Rumors Resurface

The life of a South Korean celebrity is a pretty full one; in Asian culture in general, the artists that are best appreciated are those who both act and sing, and their celebrities are just as well manufactured as those in Hollywood. One such superstar is actor Lee Min Ho, best known for his roles in Boys over Flowers and City Hunter. He was recently in the spotlight again; not because of a new movie or album, but due to rumors regarding his adherence to plastic surgery. Sure, there have been rumors of Lee Min Ho plastic surgery before, but he was never too keen on answering the journalists questions on this subject.

In fact, getting plastic surgery has become a sort of hobby amongst Korean celebrities, both men and women; while in the Western world plastic surgery is considered a mostly feminine attraction, in South Korea, and Asia in general, but male and female artists approach it in order to correct their looks. Moreover, they never seem to admit it; while the societies are advanced enough to practice it and discuss it openly, the artists don’t seem that willing to talk about their own operations, as fi it would shame them to admit they needed facial or body correction in order to become more appealing. Thus, besides Lee Min Ho plastic surgery, there are hundreds of other Asian celebrities that used it and who now pretend that it never happened.

All this talk about Lee Min Ho plastic surgery, and other Asian celebrities’ plastic surgery, brings to mind a rather difficult question, making us wonder whether the pressures of fame have not become too heavy for those who have it. In a world where talent is rewarded, but beauty matters, a lot of artists feel the pressure to look and appear in a certain way in order to become more popular and get their art across to their fans. Thus, it is safe to say that Lee Min Ho plastic surgery may have had something to do with these social pressures.

Although the effects of Lee Min Ho plastic surgery are not that obvious, if you c0mpare his looks now with older photos, you can notice some differences. Of course having access to fame and money also gets you better care, which in turn makes you look a lot better, but with Lee Min, you can actually notice how his nose looks different. While a few years ago it was a bit bent, now it seems to have a much more defined and determined shape; all in all, small changes never hurt, but the dangers of getting addicted to plastic surgery are there, so we as a society should treat it with more deference.