Men’s AW 13 Fashion Trend: Pleated Trousers

As autumn has already installed among us all, it is high time that we make some changes inside our dressings, so several new trousers would be some smart acquisitions! Feel free to enjoy these moments, while looking at Men’s AW 13 Fashion Trend: Pleated Trousers and see which colors would make you feel more handsome and attractive to women!

How often do you like wearing trousers? In general women are addicted to skirts and dresses, but it appears that many of them feel comfortable while wearing trousers. As far as men are concerned, they have a different appeal for trousers! Most of them feel extremely well while being dressed in trousers and giving up jeans, because they have a casual look and still deserve being respected and treated with the best attitude by the people around them.

When it comes to wearing pleated trousers, one needs to make sure that he has an ironing machine at hand! Otherwise, it would be a pity wearing such beautiful yet unarranged trousers! It is quite a serious change making a switch between straight trousers and slim-cuts to pleats. While most of men prefer the flat-fronted trousers, only a few seem to be open to trying something new yet old!
If you are interested in having this type of trousers, you could try at Burberry Prorsum or, if you want something more, Vivienne Westwood. The key for this trousers is that the often seem to be very big, with a huge volume, which is a lot different from what we were accostumed to see in slim-cuts. Fortunately, the Vivienne Westwood collection has adapted this old style to some streamlined features and thus you can feel free to wear them on the street or at the office as well!

You will feel rather sophisticated and fashionable and the old air look will just be a detail of your trousers, not a keyword of your style. Vivienne Westwood has even increased the volume of your trousers, so that they seem a little oversized, but this style remains fashionable and appealing to all women.

On the other hand, Burberry Prorsum has come up with some elegant pleated trousers that look even better while being worn. This are recommended to be combined with slim jackets and sweathers rather that oversized. Unfortunately, combining two oversized items will make you look old and unfashionable and this is not your point while looking for new pleated trousers in 2013!