Men’s Fashion Hairstyles

Although haircuts for men are not as varied as those for women, in 2014 designers and stylists are excited about the new ideas of original mens fashion hairstyles which are based on radical lines completed by classical accents.

Considerably shorter than women’s hair, men’s hair often remains neglected. Men do not go to the hairstylist for trimming and styling as often as women, they choose any barber shop they find on the corner of the street, without thinking too much about it. However, this is a wrong approach, as a carefully trimmed and clean hair can make you look a lot better in women’s eyes. Here are some options of mens fashion hairstyles that can draw attention to yourself in a positive way.

Orlando Bloom’s attitude fits well his curly hair that is apparently left as it is, natural, without being styled. You do not need special products in order to obtain this hairstyle, but for better results, you should let it dry naturally.

You can easily opt for side bangs, one of the mens fashion hairstyles that have been in vogue for several years in a row. If you have a medium length hair as actor Chord Overstreet, you can easily adopt his hairstyle. Use conditioner every time you wash, to make sure that your hair will be silky and shiny.

Another great and very easy, perhaps the easiest of the men’s fashion hairstyles ever, is shaving your head, or cut it really short. This is actually a very useful hairstyle for people who have hair problems, whose hair tends to fall, people who lost most of their hair or people who just do not have time to take care of it and arrange it. Follow Taye Diggs’ example and cut off all of your hair. After that, you should use moisturizing lotions for your scalp.

Another haircut for men of is an 80s haircut, achieved in an elegant style. This is one of mens fashion hairstyles that creates the image of an exuberant young man, with a modern, impressive look, and even a look that stands out of the ordinary. For this haircut, the temples and the area at the back of head are cut shorter than the rest of the hair, the bangs are of medium length and the top of the hair is cut of the longest length.

The “Canada” haircut is in trends in 2014. The hair strands of this classic hairstyle are slightly longer and the strands in the temples area are shorter than the rest. This hairstyle is recommended for curly or wavy hair, it fits anyone and any dressing style.