Mens Jeans

   Today, it’s as difficult for men as it is for women to choose a well-fitting pair of jeans. In the beginnings of the denim jeans industry, only a few models existed, with just two colors, black and blue. They all had five pockets and would more or less fit anyone, as long as they found a suitable size. Now, in 2012 there are so many models of mens jeans available that it’s hard to know what fits who and why. Color, cuts, finishes and other design innovations complicate things when it comes to choosing the right jeans.

As an example, men’s wear designer Frank Muytjens, who is aware of the difficulties and frustrations involved in finding the right pair of jeans, has partnered-up with Lee, a pioneer of American denim, and has reimagined Lee’s classic 101 B’s. These new and improved mens jeans are now straight leg, medium rise and made from rinsed Japanese selvage denim, maintaining the same no-frills details as the original 101 B’s. Those looking for that normal, classic pair of mens jeans have found their match with the 101 B’s, but those who want something more fashionable still have a lot of work ahead of them. When it comes to street fashion men have always relied on jeans, and this is a characteristic that will probably survive through the ages; and why shouldn’t they, when the male form look so good in jeans? We all know that a good pair can make you look skinnier, or even bulkier if you’re naturally skinny, it can make your butt look better and it suits a wide range of clothing. Thus, it is safe to say that for street fashion men will always wear jeans.


The first issue to be resolved when searching for good mens jeans is how they should fit. The fit determines how you feel and how you feel determines how you look.  First of all, men should avoid skinny jeans; not only are they not fashionable, but they don’t look good either. What you’re looking for when you want a pair of mens jeans that hug the thighs, knees and calves is slim fit jeans. This year some of the best slim fit jeans can be found at Acne, a relatively new clothier.

The straight-leg fit jeans are a bit looser than the slim fit, meaning they slightly hug the thigh while the knees and calves are free. To make sure this type of jeans won’t be uncomfortable, choose a pair made from denim with a bit of stretch. We spoke about the classic fit earlier, and these are jeans for guys who want their thighs to breathe. But there is also the relaxed fit, which is the roomiest of all options, and these mens jeans are defined by looser leg and seat. This doesn’t mean they’ll hang down your hips like some ghetto rapper, so you’ll know you’ve found the right size when the jeans sit well at or just below your natural waistline, right above your hips. All in all, finding the best jeans for 2012 isn’t so complicated after all, if you just follow some simple tips.