Mens Long Hairstyles

   Though in practice it’s only a genetic remnant that no longer serves the purpose of covering up the body, hair is still an important thing in our society. Hair is more like an accessory that you can style according to your own preferences or circumstances. Women have always prided themselves with long, wavy hair, which was and still is a symbol of femininity and beauty, but this doesn’t mean that men’s hair isn’t just as important.

Although the past few centuries have seen shorter and shorter hairstyles for men, further in the past mens long hairstyles were all the rage. In sixteenth or seventeenth century France and any other evolved European country for that matter, men would pride themselves with long, curly hair that they powdered for a more finished look. And don’t think that they had naturally curly hair, on the contrary. They had barbers and hairstylists just like the women, and they gave much importance to this aspect. Of course, this was something only the rich could afford, but mens long hairstyles were considered something so common that men who couldn’t grow their hair long would purchase wigs. The French, especially, were experts in wigs. Both men and women from high society would spend fortunes to get the best wig-maker create them taller and taller wigs to wear at balls or the opera.

But something happened in the meantime and men started cutting their hair short. Firstly, because it was a more practical approach and second, because long hair was now considered too feminine for a man to wear. Some totalitarian regimes actually forbade mens long hairstyles or beards because they were suspected of trying to hide something, or to pretend they’re someone else. Other than that, you were considered sloppy and unkempt as a man if you let your hair loose.

Nevertheless, nowadays both men and women can grow and style their capillary treasures any way they like. Mens long hairstyles are actually quite fashionable, especially since celebrities like Johnny Depp or Orlando Bloom sport them. In some cultures, long hair is a symbol of power and strength, like the biblical character Samson who lost his powers when Delilah tricked him and cut his hair. Rockers and hippies have always worn long hair as a protest against restrictions and as a symbol for freedom. Mens long hairstyles can actually be quite flattering and manly, and nowadays there are many ways to style them in order to look fashionable and attractive. In fact, you can even dye your hair and society won’t shrug anymore; some men prefer to show some grey hairs, because it makes them look distinguished, but if your gray hairs are a bit distracting, there are products like hair dye colors for men, which are more natural-looking; thus, if applied properly, people won’t even be able to tell that’s not your natural color.