Metal Collar Stays

Men may not have as many options to accessorize or change outfits like women, but they can have one simple thing that can make them look handsome and attractive, and that is attention to details. A good two-piece or three-piece suit is always a must in any self-respecting man’s wardrobe, whether they work in a business environment or not. Yet it can be just as difficult for men to keep fresh and kempt for the entire day as it is for women. One must always be on the lookout for clothes wrinkling, stray hairs, crooked ties, smudged makeup, twisted stockings and so on. Women are pretty used to be careful and attentive about these things, but men might not have it on their minds all the time.

Nevertheless, men have options in this regard, such as the metal collar stays for shirts. Things like these ensure men will look good and elegant all day without even worrying or thinking about it. Suits are pretentious, and you have to be careful how you wear them without ruining the cloth, or without damaging the trousers’ creases. Thus, the metal collar stays can be really useful for a busy man who wants or needs to be elegant and presentable. They keep the shirt’s collars straight and aligned so any man can look as fresh as the moment they got out of the house.

Another reason metal collar stays can be really useful is that they come in very elegant boxes and four sizes, so men can attach them to various types of shirt. One box contains twenty metal collar stays made from polished stainless steel of the highest class. They look smooth and are quite beautiful, which means they also make for a great present. Some collar stays vendors even allow you the possibility to engrave the stays with whatever you like, such as your initials. One could even engrave them with a friend’s name and present them as a unique and thoughtful gift.

The metal collar stays vary in size, from about 2.2 inches in length to about 3 inches, which means they can be easily transported in their box on business trips or on vacations. Furthermore, some of the collar stays can also be slightly bent to help you configure and arrange them as you prefer. This type of stays can last you a lifetime, which makes them a one-time investment that you will enjoy for years to come but, more importantly, you will know you always look your best and make a good impression on everyone.