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Mens Cardigans

Oct 21, 14 Mens Cardigans

The versatile mens cardigans are considered the most flexible and adaptable clothing a man can have, and since they go well with a skinny tie and formal trousers as well as with graphic t-shirts they are great for both formal and casual look.

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Men’s Fashion Hairstyles

Oct 21, 14 Men’s Fashion Hairstyles

Considerably shorter than women’s hair, men’s hair often remains neglected. Men do not go to the hairstylist for trimming and styling as often as women, they choose any barber shop they find on the corner of the street, without thinking too much about it. However this is a wrong approach, so we have encompassed a few mens fashion hairstyles.

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Mens Skin Care Advice

Oct 16, 14 Mens Skin Care Advice

Taking care of their skin is something both women and men should do and there are many products and care tips that are specially designed for men. Having soft and clean face and hands shows that the man actually cares about their appearance, which is a bonus point for them in the perception of the ladies.

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The 1920s Mens Fashion

Oct 14, 14 The 1920s Mens Fashion

The 1920s mens fashion was very stylish and it had many sources of inspiration. Ex soldiers tried to forget about the struggles they had to face during war, so they tried to pay more attention to the way they dressed. New fabrics were discovered, so everybody could find a way of expressing their preferences through material.

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The Ultimate Streamlined Shirt Collection

Oct 09, 14 The Ultimate Streamlined Shirt Collection

Are you ready to enjoy The Ultimate Streamlined Shirt Collection? If yes, now is the right time for you! Make sure nobody will disturb you while admiring every item of this collection and have a cup of tea to keep you warm! Feel free to choose anything that might suit your tastes!

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Are the Robert Redford Plastic Surgery Rumors True?

Oct 03, 14 Are the Robert Redford Plastic Surgery Rumors True?

Robert Redford is considered to be one of the most irresistible men of all times. He has managed to age with grace and though he denies the plastic surgery rumors, the expert eye can sport some subtle cosmetic work.

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Fashion Shopping Tips for Men

Sep 22, 14 Fashion Shopping Tips for Men

Since we know that most men are not as fond of shopping as women are, we thought that those men could use some fashion shopping tips which will decrease the number of trips that they must take to the mall.

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Rules For Men’s Formal Wear

Sep 21, 14 Rules For Men’s Formal Wear

There are two main types of formal events: black tie events and white tie events. Each type of event requires a certain attire and if you want to look good and not offend the host of the event, you will have to obey some formal wear rules.

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The Most Creative First Date Ideas

Sep 19, 14 The Most Creative First Date Ideas

No matter if you choose to take your date to a local music show, or you decide to ride a Ferris wheel together, make sure that you will let her see that you are not like most of the guys. We prepared a list of ideas that will help you impress your partner, so make sure that you choose the one that suits your personality the most.

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Men’s Fashion Trends for 2014’s Fall/Winter

Sep 17, 14 Men’s Fashion Trends for 2014’s Fall/Winter

We present you the main fashion trends for 2014’s cold season, and all the advice that designers have for men who want to achieve a modern look. We recommend you to try to combine elements from your wardrobe in order to create fashionable outfits and express your personal style. After all, clothes can describe a man’s personality more than anything else.

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Fall Hair Styles for Men

Sep 14, 14 Fall Hair Styles for Men

There are some designers that prefer razor-short hair, and others that see men wearing extravagant and tousled hair. Therefore, you need to analyze your preferences and try to copy the catwalk look that suits you the most. After all, the most important thing is to feel good about yourself, and walk around with confidence.

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Signs a girl likes you

Aug 29, 14 Signs a girl likes you

The signs a girl likes you are plenty from her not being able to take her eyes of you to the fact she wants to present you to her best friends and getting their opinion of you.

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Men’s Fashion Trend: Biker Jackets

Aug 10, 14 Men’s Fashion Trend: Biker Jackets

As summer is gone already, one has to get ready for autumns and its colder temperatures! This is why taking a look on Men’s Fashion Trend: Biker Jackets is by far a smart choice! Feel free to choose what you like and get ready for autumn 2013!

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How to Plan the Perfect Date

Aug 02, 14 How to Plan the Perfect Date

Even the most confident man can get shy around the woman that he likes. Therefore, we advise you to pay attention to some essential aspects before going on a date. We provide you with some effective tips that will help you make the most of the time that you will spend with the girl you like, so remember to stay focused.

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How to Find a Girlfriend

Jul 30, 14 How to Find a Girlfriend

How to find a girlfriend is a problem for many men, but with a bit of care for their physical appearance and behavior things can get easier. Be attentive, empathic, compliment women and they might start chasing you, not the other way round.

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The Most Stylish Fall Jackets

Jul 12, 14 The Most Stylish Fall Jackets

If you have not yet upgraded your wardrobe to the latest fall trends, now would be the time to go shopping for a new jacket, but not before you learn a few things about the most popular fall jackets.

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Tennis Shoes

Jul 10, 14 Tennis Shoes

Finding the right pair of tennis shoes is not too difficult, but one has to consider more than just the comfort they offer. Model and color are very important, especially when you need to match them jeans, trousers or short pants.

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Golf Apparel Trends

Jul 09, 14 Golf Apparel Trends

Back in the days when golf didn’t have its designated clothing, players didn’t pay too much attention to their apparel. Moreover, a while ago people didn’t find it necessary to create a special look for golfing, but times have changed. Now, style is something that we can find on the golf course. Here are the best golf apparel trends.

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Do Men Prefer Women Drunk and Dumb?

Jun 14, 14 Do Men Prefer Women Drunk and Dumb?

Recent studies show that men who prefer women drunk and dumb are promiscuous and lacking in empathy themselves, and are in most instances looking for short-term relationships.

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The Checkered Tailoring Trend

Jun 09, 14 The Checkered Tailoring Trend

The checkered tailoring trend has been very popular for a while now and according to the latest designer collections, it is unlikely to fall out of fashion any time soon. As such, we thought that you could use some guidelines on how to integrate this trend into your wardrobe.

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