Polo Shirts for Men

   The polo shirt, also called tennis shirt or golf shirt, is a T-shaped shirt with a collar, a placket with two or three buttons and sometimes, a chest pocket. It is usually made from knitted cloth which is commonly piqué cotton and rarely silk, merino wool or synthetic fibers. The polo shirt for men appeared as a solution to men’s problems with their attire when playing tennis. Usually, in the 19th and 20th centuries, men’s equipment for sports like tennis consisted of long-sleeved white button-up shirts, flannel trousers and ties, which, of course, were not too comfortable.


That’s when seven-time Grand Slam tennis champion, René Lacoste had the idea of creating a short-sleeved, loosely-knit piqué cotton shirt with a flat, unstarched, protruding collar and a longer shirt-tail in the back, known today as a “tennis tail”. This was the first polo shirt for men ever made and it was worn by Lacoste in 1926 at the U.S. Open championship. A year later he would apply a crocodile emblem on the left breast of his shirts, which today is one of the most popular trademarks in the fashion industry, easily recognized by almost anyone in the world. When it comes to street fashion men have been wearing polo shirts for a very long time, as they slowly entered into casual fashion. They can be worn with all kinds of casual clothing, and are thus perfect for daily wear. So next time they wonder about street fashion men can go easy with a polo shirt and a pair of jeans, and the outfit is complete.

Lacoste went into mass-marketing with his polo shirts for men in 1933 and soon professional polo players around the world started wearing this comfortable piece of garment. The Brooks Brothers, known mostly for their elegant suits, also introduced a variant of polo shirts for men with a buttoned-down collar, but their model wasn’t as malleable as the one introduced by Lacoste. Lewis Lacey was another athlete, an actual polo player this time, who in the 20s started producing a shirt with the logo of a polo player embroidered on the chest. Now, the term polo shirt was being used to refer to all shirts of this kind, whether they were being used by polo players or other types of sportsmen.

Another famous designer who is now known as an important creator of polo shirts for men was Ralph Lauren, who started his own Polo clothesline in 1972, helping to raise popularity for this type of sports garment. Lauren had worked as an apprentice in Brooks Brothers stores, and that is where he probably first saw a polo shirt. This inspired him later on with his own collections, which are known to be inspired from clothiers like Brooks Brothers, Lacoste and J. Press. Lauren even borrowed from the idea of the crocodile logo from Lacoste, making his own emblem which depicted a polo player riding a pony. The polo shirt is to this day a fashionable garment worn not only by sportsmen and women, but by regular people as well.