Rock that bow tie like a pro

Many people do not feel confident when they wear a bow tie, because they are not sure if they accessorised the right one to their outfit. If you wear the right bowtie it can change your outfit instantly, and you will look like a stylish man. But you have to make sure that you do not look like you are strangled. It is a classy accessory and if you want to make a statement, then you should invest in one that says something. It is not an accessory that lends itself in a subtle way, it has personality and it reveals your character and aesthetic sense. Check these tips if you want to master the art of wearing bowties.

Learn how to tie the bow tie by yourself

If you want to be considered a pro when it comes to wearing the bowtie, then you have to learn how to tie it by yourself. There are many pre-tied models on the market, but if you want to impress everyone, then you should choose the model of ribbon on and make the bow by yourself. If you have no idea how to do it, you will find many videos online that can help you.

Balance is the key

You have to make sure that you will not look like a clown when you wear the bowtie. So if the bowtie comes in a bold model, then you should wear a simple shirt, and vice versa. Make sure that your clothing articles complement one another.

It does not have to be perfect

If you will ask a bowtie pro they will tell you that the perfect knot is not as perfect as you may think. Every one of the ties has its own imperfections, and this is what makes them great looking.

There are times when you should not wear a bowtie

Many people do not know when it is inappropriate to wear bowties. You should know that it is not recommended to wear bowties at funerals, because when everyone mourns it is better to accessorise your look with a necktie. There are no other occasions when it is inappropriate to style your look with this fashionable accessory. You can wear it on different types of formal events, at the office, at the brunch, when you go out for a dinner, and whenever you want. You will look quite cool if you personalize your style with a bowtie.