Rules For Men’s Formal Wear

Attending a formal event can be quite troublesome for men. Men’s fashion may be slightly less complicated than women’s fashion but when you use see the word formal on an event invitation, you know that you will have to polish your best attire. There are certain rules for attending such events, and believe it or not, these rules have nothing to do with brands or price tags. They are simply common sense and abiding these rules is essential, unless you want to offend the host of the event. That being said, there are two main types of formal events: black tie events and white tie events. Each type of event has a special set of rules in regards to men’s attire.

Black tie events

A couple of years ago, the black tie concept was pretty straightforward. Nowadays, the formal attire has suffered some transformations as several formal variations were introduced into fashion like the business casual look, for example. Nevertheless, a black tie event usually involves suits. In order to wear a suit with style, you should check out the following rules:

  1. Make sure it fits – In order to make sure that a suit is the right size, the first thing that you have to check is how it sits on the shoulders. You must also make sure that there isn’t a gap between the lapel’s edge and your shirt’s collar. As far as the length of the sleeves goes,the sleeves of a well fitted suit jacket should end above the wrist bone and should reveal about half an inch of your shirt’s cuff.
  2. The right color – For a long time, men believed that they could never go wrong with black suits. However, times have changed and nowadays black suits are not as popular as they used to be. On the contrary, they are considered to be better fitted for funerals. Gray or charcoal suits on the other hand, can be very classy.
  3. The belt and the shoes– Brown and black are the most popular colors for formal belts. However, make sure that the belt that you will go with, will match the color of your shoes. It is also essential for the shoes and the belt to compliment the suit’s color. On that note, with blue and gray shirts, you can wear either black or brown shoes. However, if you choose a black or a charcoal suit, you should only wear black shoes, whereas if your suit has a brownish shade, you should wear it with brown shoes (the color of the shoes should be a shade darker than the color of the suit).

White tie events

At this type of events, men are required to wear white tie shirts, waistcoats, tailcoat jackets and white tie pants made of the same fabric as the jacket. Here are some simple rules to follow for these types of attires.

    1. Well fitted jacket – In order to make sure that you are buying a jacket designed for your exact size, follow the same rules enlisted at point 1 of the black tie events section.
    2. Fabric and color – Both the pants and the jacket must be made from the same fabric, preferably fine worsted wool. Most such attires are black but blueish shades are also acceptable.
    3. The waistcoat – Just as the jacket, the waistcoat should also be well fitted. It should cover the trousers waistline, but under no circumstance should it reach bellow the tailcoat. The waistcoat should be white and preferably made from cotton pique.
    4. White tie shirt – It may look like a plain white shirt, but this type of shirt is slightly different than the black tie shirt. It lacks any decorations and it features a stiffened cotton front.
    5. Accessories – The bow tie should always be white and made of the same fabric as the waistcoat. The perfect shoes for such an event are pumps, preferably the ones made of lacquered leather. Other must-have accessories at such an event are the cufflinks, the studs and the suspenders.