Signs a girl likes you

Today, there are countless of ways to recognize the signs of flirting or to find out what a girl thinks about you. As a guy is very important to know when a girl is trying to hit on you, so it is crucial to know about all the different ways that you can use to tell whether a girl is into you or not. Moreover, if you know what a girl is thinking about you is far easier to approach her. Among the many signs a girl likes you, we will mention only a few which almost every girl or woman makes deliberately or not in trying to hide or reveal her feelings.


A clear sign that the girl standing in front of you might have some feelings for you is when she wants to introduce you to her best friends. Girls do these things in trying to get friends’ opinion of you. Moreover, if you sense some unusual conversation between her and her friends, this must be because they act like they know some kind of secret, like the fact she has a crush on you. Another sign that a girl can have feelings for you is when she plays with her hair when you are nearby. Most girls aren’t even aware of doing so. This is more like an instinctual acting in trying to making herself more beautiful for you. Among many other signs a girl likes you, a sign that usually makes no sense is when she wants no leave you no sign that she actually likes you. In this case, she gets defensive when someone tells that the two of you should start dating. Acting this way, girls want to hide the fact they can not wait for a guy to make his move and start a relationship. In some other cases, when a girl is not trying to conceal feelings she can ask a men directly whether he is or not dating someone. This is among the great signs a girl likes a guy. By her direct questioning, she kind of tells the guy whether he would like to start dating her or not.

Among other signs a girl likes you, another great sign is when you see the fact she is unable to take her eyes off you. Even when she looks away from you after you have made eye contact, this is another clear sign that she likes you. Among the things that are obvious in telling you about the feelings of the girl standing next to you we can mention the situations when she agrees with everything you are telling her or to somebody else. By agreeing all the time with you, she tries to emphasize that the two of you have a lot in common.