Taking drugs – the terrifying tactic models use to stay thin

The modeling market has been dominated by women for a long time. Everywhere from commercials to the Internet you see women’s faces. They are on all the covers of the world. From Adriana Lima to Kendall Jenner, models from various generations have become emblematic. The good news is that male models have penetrated into the modeling world and many of them are becoming icons. Becoming a professional male model is hard and takes a lot of discipline. Days spent working out at the gym, eating right, and avoiding the consumption of alcohol. The thing is that men will do anything to stay thin and look good, including taking drugs. Unfortunately, drug abuse is common in the fashion industry. Let’s learn more about the cruel industry.

The pressure of staying thin

It’s really easy to be tall and leanly built. Well, not exactly. Many think that male models don’t have to do a thing in order to look their best. The reality is that they have to make considerable efforts to look the way they look. In addition to exercising every single day to stay in shape, men do their best to take care of their skin and be really skinny. You wouldn’t imagine that male models withstand pressure in terms of losing weight and being thin. While some fashion houses prefer models to look strong and healthy, others prefer thin mannequins. Men don’t seem like victims, yet they are. They are masters at hiding their suffering, which is the reason why nobody knows that there is something wrong. If you listen to Johnny Tabaie on addiction, you would understand that hidden addictions do occur. Being a man doesn’t automatically make you safe.

Male models snort drugs to stay thin  

Male models go through hell to stay thin. Why do they take drugs, anyway? In case you haven’t noticed, addicts are extremely skin-and-bone. It’s true that it’s possible to put a rapid end to addiction, but still. What happens with the body is that it experiences a constant net-negative calorie count, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that drug addicts are so thin.  If you want to get the top jobs, you have to be at the forefront of people’s mind. Taking drugs might just do the trick. Even if a man isn’t tempted to go to the bathroom and snort drugs, he does it anyway. Male models are obsessed about their weight, probably more than women. They take drugs to stay on top of the game, which is understandable in a way. Nonetheless, it’s easy to form a drug addiction. Many models have dealt with severe drug problems, some of which aren’t even sober. It’s important for male models to understand that it’s not worth putting their health at risk. Sure, the career matters, but what career can one possibly have when drugs take over the body, mind, and soul? Nowadays, professionals aren’t forced to do a specific kind of work. They have the liberty to do what they want and it would be a shame to ruin their lives.