Tennis Shoes

Tennis shoes or sports shoes were once used only at the gym or when practicing sports, but that is no longer the case. Fashion has become more permissible and casual men and women wear tennis shoes almost everywhere, because they are comfortable and come in countless shapes and colors. Nevertheless, despite the multiplication of fashion tips for men, you still see poorly matched outfits, or shiny and glittery sports shoes, so it’s important to know when you can wear them and how.


Tennis shoes come in such a great variety that they now have multiple names as well, such as athletic shoes, trainers, kicks, trabs, daps, sandshoes, gym boots, joggers, running shoes, sneakers, sneaks, tackies, rubber shoes or canvers. The more the merrier, but that can also complicate things. Yes, there are so many models that one can surely find something to match every occasion, but that doesn’t mean that every model fits any occasion.

High-tops have become very popular in the last few years and models are more and more over the top each year. But matching them with skinny jeans as so many rebellious adolescents do is in no way good-looking. A better replacement would be b-ball shoes which don’t sacrifice fashion for function. Classic sneakers or tennis shoes are the ones that can match almost anything, even some types of two-piece suits. These are the low-cut lace-up shoes without any spruce. Take for example the timelessness of a basic pair of Converse shoes. A grey or black pair can fit anything, from jeans to tailored trousers and blazers.

Nothing looks sloppier than a pair of dirty tennis shoes. You will look like a homeless person and that job interview won’t win itself. Help yourself by helping the way you look. Yes, tennis shoes are casual so they don’t have to be matched with a trim suit, but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve a wash now an again. Furthermore, a very important aspect when choosing a pair of tennis shoes is to avoid, at all costs, hybrids. The combination between a sneaker and a dress shoe makes it look like you’re wearing blocks of wood in your feet. One more aspect that requires a lot of attention are the socks. They shouldn’t be seen if you’re wearing short pants, and finding ankle socks is easy.