The 1920s Mens Fashion

The 1920s mens fashion was marked by modern styles and bold ideas. After the World War I the stock market was increasing, so every industry expanded, included the fashion one. New fabrics were created by famous designers, so new trends appeared.

The military uniforms had a great influence on the 1920s mens fashion. During the war there was a lack of resources, including wool and other types of fabrics. That is why the soldiers’ uniforms started to shorten in time, especially since the same fabrics their clothes were made of were also used for parachutes and other similar items. So, the European creators inspired from the military, and that is how men got to wear pants that would allow them show their socks.

The suit jackets people wore those days were also very short and they were often accessorized with belts. Five years later they returned to a normal size, but other tendencies started to appear. Double breasted vests and single breasted jackets became very popular. The 1920s fashion allowed men feel more liberated and less restrained regarding their outfits. They could wear sweaters and even short pants as sport clothes started to be very available.

For special occasions men preferred to wear jackets with two or three buttons instead of the classic tailcoats. The short tuxedos were considered less snobby and more comfortable than the tail coat, so they turned to those types of outfits. However, for special and formal events any distinguished gentleman had to follow some rules, no matter how uncomfortable they were. Being elegant involved wearing a tie, gloves and a handkerchief, and all these items had to be white in order to maintain a fresh and neat aspect.

Hats were indispensable those days. The upper class men wore top or homburg hats, while middle-class citizens used fedora, bowler and trilby hats. Newsboy caps and flat headdresses indicated that the person who wore them was part from the working-class category, so they also represented a way to find out more about someone’s social position.
The 1920s mens fashion found many sources of inspiration, but the most important one was the Hollywood cinematography. Clark Gable, Rudolph Valentino and Greta Garbo were just a few of the movie stars who inspired everyone to pay more attention to the way they dressed. These fashion icons impressed with their perfect looks and luxurious appearances, and that is why American citizens tried to copy their style.

Purchasing new fashionable clothes represented a method people used to show they have a prosper life that allows them to spend money on glamorous things. Social rank was very important for everyone those days, so men tried to impress with polished figures and fashionable appearances.