The 1940s Men Fashion Description

Although they don’t always seem very interested in fashion, men have always payed attention to the way they looked. They have tried to keep up with the changing trends and impress their partners with interesting outfits. Due to the WWII the 1940s men fashion was neglected on a certain level because people were preoccupied with more important things than clothes. Then again, the access to European fashion was no longer available, so the American designers had some benefits regarding this issue.

The American designers weren’t very appreciated before the dark era. Paris was the capital of fashion those days, and European creators were considered to be more worthy than the American ones. Those difficult times reflected in fashion industry, too. The production of clothes was limited because most of the factories were closed. Furthermore, there were not enough supplies of wool, so people started to use artificial fibers such as viscose, nylon and other fabrics which were derived from wool. However, all the synthetic fabrics were used for military purposes. Making parachutes and uniforms was more important than anything else in those circumstances.

The 1940s men fashion implied wearing clothes which reflected the difficult times people were living. Black and navy were the main colors men used to wear. For special occasions they put on suits or V-neck sweaters over shirts and ties. For nightclubs men wore something more sophisticated. Their outfits consisted of oversized jackets with broad shoulders and pants which were tight around the ankles. However, that look wasn’t very encouraged. These type of suits were embraced mostly by the African-American and Mexican-American youth. Gangsters also adopted this look which made it even more promiscuous.

Hats were a must have for respectable and distinguished gentlemen. The fedora was an accessory that was worn by everyone, from gangsters to President Roosevelt. New trends appeared and become very popular in America, especially after the war ended. Christian Dior’s “New Look” was one of the collections that inspired many men back then. Ex-soldiers tried to forget about the rough times they spent during war and they started to wear colorful ties and Hawaiian shirts. Wearing fun clothes was seen as a modality to cheer things up and to bring a little joy in everyone’s life. Men started to pay more attention to their dress suits and adopted new styles. Single-breasted jackets, notched lapels and three buttons coats were just a few of the trends that started to be embraced in the 1940s men fashion.