The Most Creative First Date Ideas

When it comes to going on a first date, the majority of men choose to invite their partner to dinner or to see a movie. While these ideas might work for some girls, there are women who like to be surprised in a creative way, and women who wish to meet a man that is not like most of the guys. Therefore, we advise you to choose one of the ideas that we included on the following list, and prepare yourself to break the routine.

Opt for doing fun activities

Challenge your partner to beat you at foosball, bowling and PC-man. We guarantee you that inviting the girl you like to this type of date will help her relax easily, which is essential if you want to really connect and get to know her better. Ice-skating is also a great option, especially if she doesn’t know how to skate. That way you will get the chance to teach her, and hold hands with her while helping her to stay on her feet. After being this active you will both be hungry, so you should take her to a restaurant where you can eat pizza and get to talk some more.

Ride on a Ferris wheel

Since the statistics have shown that adrenaline can make people more prone to falling in love, the top of a Ferris wheel is ideal when it comes for true feelings to come out. So, besides allowing you to share a very intense and romantic moment, this type of activity can make your partner reveal the feelings that she has for you faster.

Take her to an improvisation show

What better way to break the ice than laughing as hard as you can? Seeing an improv show will make you both enjoy a nice time and start your date in a happy tone. This first date idea can be very practical when you are on a budget and you can’t afford to go to the theater. Plus, the actors ask for the audience’s participation, which means that you can take part of the show, so it can be very exciting.

Visit a local art gallery

If your date is interested in art, you can make her a surprise and offer her the chance to see an interesting art gallery. However, make sure that you won’t invite her to an exhibit on the atrocities of war, or other motifs that can ruin your mood. Also, try to make a research before making a trip to the art gallery, because that will help you look more knowledgeable, and you will be able to express your opinion on what you will see.