The Most Stylish Fall Jackets

Fall is upon us and those of you who have not yet upgraded your wardrobes are probably spending the first cold fall days either freezing in summer shirts or wearing the same jacket that you have been wearing for the last couple of years. Well, this is your wake up call: it is time to go shopping for a new jacket, but not before you polish up your fall trends knowledge. That being said, lets take a look at the most fashionable jackets suggested by the designers for this fall.

Textured blazers

The time when blazers were associated only with formal outfits is long behind us and all men should own at least one textured fall blazer. Whether you wear it with tailored pants, jeans or fitted pants, a blazer is the best way of styling yourself up. According to the latest designer collections, this fall, men should choose practical blazers that can be worn on a daily base. The suggested materials include flannel, tweed and wool variations.

The reinvented denim jacket

It is very possible that most men already own a denim jacket, so they will be very happy to discover that it is back in style. However, the classic denim jacket has suffered some modifications this year, so you should be very careful how you wear it. If you own a classic denim jacket, avoid integrating it into a sports outfit and, under no circumstance, should you wear it with jeans, especially jeans in a matching color. You can, however, wear a classic denim jacket with some elegant pants, and why not, even with a shirt. If you no longer own a denim jacket and are interested in buying one, focus your attention on more controversial models, such as a denim jacket with leather sleeves or with a sheepskin collar. The denim-sheepskin combo is very hot at the moment in both women’s and men’s fashion.

The almighty bomber jacket

Whether it is made of leather, suede, tweed or cotton blends, the bomber jacket is unlikely to ever fall out of style. However, if last year, designers were pushing wildly printed bomber jackets, the trends are quite monochromatic this year. Nevertheless, versatility is achieved through material combinations, and just like the denim jacket, the bomber jacket also goes great in combination with sheepskin collars. We are unaware of why most designers become fascinated with sheepskin this year, but one thing is for sure: you are not stylish if you don’t own at least one sheepskin garment this year.