Three types of shoes that a man should invest in –designers’ tips


When it comes to fashionable shoes, there are some people who believe that only women should be highly concerned about this aspect. But this is not true. Both men and women should follow the trends and find out which are the options that meet their needs and expectations. But, due to the fact that men do not have the necessary patience to read all the fashion magazines and tips, here is a small guide with some of the most important information.

Three types of shoes that you should invest in, because they never go out of fashion:

Oxford Shoes. The principal defining characteristics when it comes to these shoes are their laces. But there are many men who confuse the Oxford Shoes with the Derby ones, a thing which is not recommended. The Oxford Shoes also come with an interesting history which is related to the 17th century, when these types of shoes were especially worn by the students from the Oxford University. Nowadays, fashion designers highly recommend wearing these shoes with both elegant and casual outfits. If you are looking for a good recommendation, you can try some Oxford Shoes, with a pair of trousers and a plaid shirt.

A pair of sneakers. Regardless the trends, these sneakers never go out of style. They are both a good looking and a comfortable choice. If you want to see some of the most appreciated choices, you should look for Dr Martens men shoes. They are always a good combination for modernity and style. But remember that your “going out sneakers” are not the same with your running shoes.

A pair of black boots. They are highly recommended for the cold seasons such as autumn or winter. But why precisely black? Because fashion designers say that they are easily to match with any outfit. But experts say that you should go for simple models this season, by following the principle: “Less is more”.

Some important rules when it comes to wearing shoes that every man should take into consideration:

  • You need to match them with the rest of your outfit. Thus, you definitely pay attention to colours. But, it does not mean that if you intend to wear a blue suit, you should match it with some blue shoes. You can go for a more daring combination and choose yellow. But, here is a good tip from designers: if you plan to invest in some yellow shoes, make sure you match them with your tie or bow tie. You will look like a more interesting person.
  • Even if the combining a suit with sneakers has been an extremely popular choice nowadays, it is highly important to pay attention to the event where you intend to wear the outfit. For example, if it is a very elegant one, like a wedding party, you should for shoes instead of sneakers. Wear the sneakers when you go out to your friends, because they are a more casual choice.
  • Last but not least, roll up your pants if you want to let the others see your shoes.