Tuxedo Styles

There are always great ways to be selective and individualize your look when a special occasion requires. Today, men have plenty of options available on the market regarding the special occasion clothing. And since alongside women, men also want to look their best and make heads turn in every special moment, they can choose among the tuxedo styles available in order to make men look elegant and stylish.


Tuxedos usually have a lot of styles, colors and patterns from which every man is guaranteed to find the perfect tuxedo ensemble. When referring to a tuxedo ensemble, you should know it includes a jacket, trousers, shirt, bow tie, cuff links, studs and a cummerbund or vest. It is obvious that if you go for a vest to complete this outfit, then you don’t have to wear the cummerbund. For making of your look a stunning apparition, it is recommended to purchase some extra ties and cummerbunds in colors and patterns that will give you a more festive look.

If you like the classic tuxedo, then you should know you don’t have pretty much option in colors as this classic outfit is black, but it still gives you some alternatives in its collar options from which you can choose something which can individualize your look. And you have the notch lapel tuxedo jacket, the peak lapel tuxedo jacket, the shawl lapel tuxedo jacket and the mandarin color tuxedo jacket. Among the most popular preferences is the classic notch lapel tuxedo jacket but the other outfits are great as well and the only thing that matters when choosing your tuxedo styles is your personal taste. The shawl lapel gives the body an elongated look which should be of great effect for some men looking for a way to look taller. The trousers which are included in the tuxedo ensemble can have an adjustable or non-adjustable waist band with a satin stripe down the legs.

If we should discuss about the colors available for tuxedos, you should know the most common colors are black, gray and silver. But, you can find also some more special colors like ivory and cream for example. And if you really want to catch everybody’s eyes you should go for colors like red or blue.

And there is more, as the tuxedo styles have a large assortment of great accessories. You can choose to complete your elegant look with a band bow tie or one of the newest ties, a cummerbund or button cover jewelry which go well with a mandarin collar shirt for example. The tuxedo vests are other great accessories which come in an array of patterns, styles and colors.