What Impacts Can Insomnia Have on Your Health?

Along with depression, insomnia is one of the most common disorders of the 21st century. Most often than never, these two conditions are closely linked. Depression is one of the many causes which can lead to insomnia, and in turn, an untreated sleeping disorder can sometimes lead to depression. You may think that given the modern society’s busy lifestyles, it is normal for everybody to have problems sleeping once in a mild. Nevertheless, even mild insomnia should be taken seriously so that it does not lead to a more serious condition. In what follows, we will show you the impacts that insomnia can have on your health.

Physical impacts

Everybody knows that if we don’t sleep well, we will feel tired. However, the more sleep we miss, the more serious this tiredness will get. This overall lack of sleep can lead to drowsiness, cognitive impairments and much more. If you don’t treat insomnia properly, you will soon start to have difficulties remembering things and your lack of energy and attention can make it difficult for you to drive or operate any sort of heavy machines. Furthermore, since our body rests during sleep, insomnia can lead to an imbalanced metabolism and our body’s endocrine function will also start suffering. It is also possible to develop a lower tolerance to glucose. In some cases, insomnia can even lead to restless leg syndrome, hot flashes, chronic pain, breathing problems and much more.

Psychological impacts

The psychological impacts usually appear after three months or longer. At this point, you are dealing with chronic insomnia. At first, the psychological impacts include mood changes, lack of motivation and stress. In the long run, chronic insomnia leads to anxiety and depression.

When should you take action?

It is best to search for an insomnia treatment the moment that you start noticing the first symptoms. However, don’t jump to prescription medication. Sedatives can be particularly dangerous. Our advice would be to try to find the cause of your insomnia and eliminate it. For example, if you are stressed, find ways of dealing with that, if you have a medical problem that keeps you up at night, treat that problem first and so on. If the cause of your insomnia cannot be dealt with, opt for natural insomnia remedies such as chamomile tea, relaxing essential oils, binaural music and so on. You can also try natural medication. While researching the best natural sleep aid, we came across Alteril that seems to be the best natural remedy. Alteril consists of some tablets made of natural ingredients. It can also be purchased under the shape of the Alteril pack, which aside from the tablets, also contains herbal tea and a relaxation CD.