What to do about damaged earlobes from piercing

There are many reasons why men choose to have their ears pierced. They want to feel stylish, longing to look like their favourite celebrities, but they also want to display their wealth. Did you think that guys wear just about anything in their ears? No, they wear diamonds or gold. The lower earlobe is the most popular place for body adornments. Ear piercing isn’t recommended though. Neither is wearing heavy earrings. The earlobe isn’t made to support the weight of the earrings. The result is that the soft flesh gets damaged, that is if the earlobe doesn’t split in two. A split earlobe doesn’t heal by itself. So, if you wake up one morning and discover that your earring is missing and that your earlobe has split, go see a cosmetic surgeon for split earlobe repair.

Wearing heavy pierced earrings and massive earplugs

Unlike women, men enjoy wearing visible earrings. Whether they do it because they are fashion conscious or not, you aren’t likely to see guys with other kinds of body adornments. What men like more than large earrings is ear stretching. Large holes in the earlobe are so appealing that you were thinking about getting one yourself. If you don’t want to develop a split of the earlobe, you should refrain from doing something like this. Traumatic injuries are not uncommon for those with a preference for body adornments. Ear stretching causes greater trauma than heavy earrings. When the earlobe is stretched to a certain extent, tearing is unavoidable and surgery is the only solution.

Quick overview of split earlobe repair  

When you experience earlobe split due to trauma, it’s necessary to schedule an appointment with a cosmetic surgeon at a clinic like Centre For Surgery. No matter how much time you give it, the earlobe won’t heal by itself. Split earlobe repair is a surgical procedure that is performed in order to repair the damage to the earlobe. The cosmetic surgeon corrects the deformity of the earlobe, striving to minimise the possibility of notching at the edges. Reconstruction of the earlobe hole is included. Earlobe repair is realised under local anaesthesia, taking about ¾ of an hour for each earlobe. In 6 to 8 weeks, the ears will be as good as new. You shouldn’t be afraid of getting under the knife because the pain is minimal.

Do you really need to fix your damaged earlobe?

Besides the aesthetic factor, there are many reasons why a man like you should get their damages earlobe repaired. The way you look matters. As a matter of fact, appearance matters so much that employers won’t want to hire you if you look different. You shouldn’t even dream about joining the army. If the split is too extreme, you won’t be able to wear earrings anymore. Re-piercing can be done a couple of weeks after the surgery. Yet again, it’s not recommended. Opt for repair surgery and get back to normal. At least get a consultation and see what the cosmetic surgeon has to say.